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Government 1B Lesson 30: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) Evaluate this statement: “Government must intervene in the economy to bring about improved working conditions.” 

It depends how the government would intervene, for example, if it’s to apply air conditioners inside workplaces and workspaces, then yes the government should intervene to do what’s best for the society.

Certain lines of work carry a wage premium to attract sufficient workers by compensating them for negative aspects. Eventually become less expensive for non-air-conditioned workplace simply to introduce air conditioning than to go on paying higher wages than their competitors who provide air conditioning.

The government would provide people with a choice, whether to work in a sweaty environment, but get paid more, or work in an air-conditioned place, but get paid less.

In that case, it seems to be fair to give people a choice like that, but I think everyone should enjoy their work conditions. The government in this sense shouldn’t interfere and if they do, then at least make it fair for everyone, or just don’t introduce it, if it means not everyone is able to work under such conditions.

2.) What has been the most significant contributing factor to the abolition of child labor?

The most significant contributing factor to the abolition of child labor can be observed as happening during the 1832 Report of the Select Committee on the Bill for the Regulation of Factories. It was at this committee meeting that the testimony covering child labor was twisted, and rather than having both sides of the situation presented, factory critics were the only people heard from. These stories, being unrivaled with stories of supporters, left impressions that were to change the course of the future forever. 

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