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English 3 Lesson 135: What is one of Kipling’s copybook headings that applies to recent public opinion?

One of the copybook headings from Kipling which is, “If you don’t work you die.” It is pretty simple to understand the saying on its own. If you don’t work (like a job/career) in life then you won’t get money, which is used to support yourself and your needs (clothing/food/etc.). Not having those needs for a long time can lead to death, because you can’t survive without food. So everyone already knows that, but as for the recent public opinion- America has went through the biggest changes it ever went through in history and it all happened within a little more than a week!

People in court that did everything they could to stop abortion had to work very hard for the results. I mean it’s been going around for 50 years, the law for allowing abortion and now suddenly the court changes up the law and those against abortion have gotten their share of results after working very hard. I’m sure both sides worked very hard to get the results, but you probably had to be a lot more persuasive to end the laws of abortion and that probably took a lot of work which ended in some big results.

Thanks for reading this essay! I hope my thoughts today were clear enough. Have a blessed rest of your day!

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