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Government 1B Lesson 55: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) What are the compact and nationalist theories of the Union?

The compact theory holds that self-governing sovereign states have rights to protect themselves, whereas the nationalist theory holds that nullification or secession would be insubordination.

Compact theory featured heavily in arguments by southern political leaders in the run up to the American Civil War that states had a right to nullify federal law and to secede from the union. It also featured in southern arguments opposing desegregation after a 1954 Supreme Court decision.

2.) Can smaller political units contribute to the cause of liberty? If so, how?

I do believe that smaller political units contribute to the cause of liberty, because even of the unit is small, doesn’t mean they can’t partake to the cause of the liberty, that’s first of all. The smaller unit consists of towns and local townships, which the citizens cn shout out some of their ideas and then the political unit can gather the ideas, discussing further plans. They don’t really depend on anyone or anything of higher authority and have certain freedom privileges to make certain decisions.


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