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Western Civ 2 Lesson 145: In what ways did revenge figure into the strategies of the countries fighting in World War II?

In what ways did revenge figure into the strategies of the countries fighting in World War II?

As the war drew to an end, Germans feared the anger of their enemies. Even as the Allies discussed the best way to hold German leaders formally accountable, victorious troops were expressing that anger and taking revenge on German civilians.

Why were the guilty (the ones responsible for holocaust) not punished? Probably because it would have been a never-ending task. Pursuing all those responsible for the slaughter of the Jews would have meant trying thousands upon thousands of people – and it would have ended in the jailing of almost the entire adult male population of Germany. The allies put their hands up in despair. However, most of them had agreed and strongly agreed to this one cunning plan A:

Their chosen method was the poisoning of the water supply of five German cities. Cohen says the targets were Munich, Berlin, Weimar, Nuremberg and Hamburg, and before long the Avengers had placed workers inside the cities’ water filtration plants. Harmatz recalls days and nights studying blueprints of waterworks, working out how to avoid shutting off the supply to American residential areas, ensuring only Germans were struck. Everything was in place, waiting for permission to proceed. Plan A didn’t work so they proceeded to plan B and ended up arresting (in revenge) a lot of german soldiers.

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