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Government 1B Lesson 85: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) Professor Casey claims that the idea of political representation is an empty one. How does he defend this argument? 

Representation is a fig leaf that is insufficient to cover the naked and brutal fact that even in our sophisticated modern states, however elegant the rhetoric and however persuasive the propaganda, some rule and others are ruled.

2.) Professor Hasnas claims that the idea of the rule of law is a myth. What does he mean? And what purpose does the myth serve?

I believe Hasnas means, for if citizens really believe that they are being governed by fair and impartial rules and that the only alternative is subjection to personal rule, they will be much more likely to support the state as it progressively curtails their freedom. 

The purpose this myth serves is to enlist the emotions of the public in support of society’s political power structure.


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