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American History Lesson 10: Why do you think the information that I have covered in the first ten lessons is not covered in American history textbooks in high school or college?

In the first 10 lessons of this course, Gary North explains how America was actually discovered and by who, also what were the proofs. When I was still in public school I can clearly remember being taught that Christopher Columbus was the first to sail to and discover America. Columbus was among the last explorers to sail to America, 5 hundred years before Columbus was actually a daring band of Vikings led by Leif Eriksson set foot in North America and established a settlement. It’s also been hypothesized, though not proven, that Celtic explorers crossed the Atlantic before Eriksson.

Columbus was actually looking for Japan, but what he found was the modern day Bahamas. After leaving the Canary Islands on September 6, strong winds pushed his three-ship fleet westward until they sighted land on October 12. Columbus called this island “San Salvador” – and believed he’d found Asia. The exact location of where he first set foot is still unknown, though it’s been narrowed down to three possible islands. Whenever he landed it’s said that he actually did some horrible things like slave trading.. The island which Columbus has sailed in noted that the peaceful people called the Lucayans, Taínos and Arawaks were very kind hardworking people. Columbus was impressed at their work and high hospitality. Just like those stories I mentioned in my previous posts about the spaniards and the Indians, Christopher Columbus and his crew wanted to convert the natives to Christianity and use them to to mine gold for him. I dont see why we should celebrate this hero on Columbus day..

So why cover the truth and lie to us? The government that controls the school system decide what gets to be taught and what doesn’t. Because, everyone has their own beliefs and no one wants to accept the basic sound teaching, it’s easier for people to believe in something like evolution, the teachings of Darwinism, the ‘Big Bang” theory sounds more appealing apparently. The western civilization is actually based on a Christian foundation, meaning America was walked on by people during biblical times. Whether you believe in Christianity or not the foundation has always been and always will be based on a Christian foundation. If the government doesn’t like the sound teachings of Christianity then it only makes sense why they would cover and hide the truth so the next generation can be taught by how the government wants them to believe.

Even though the public schools teach the foundations of America the wrong way by saying that Christopher Columbus first set foot in America, the Ron Paul curriculum actually teaches how America was built on a Christian foundation and how the biblical times shaped everything to ho wit is today! There is no known North America textbook by the way and can you guess why that is the case? This course teaches all about it and you can never find such information in high schools and colleges. Not only have they covered the truth from us, but soon (if not already) they will stop teaching history altogether.

Thanks for reading this essay, I hope you learned something or simply enjoyed reading it! I’ll be posting more soon, along with my surprise post! As always have a blessed rest of your day!


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