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Economics Lesson 15: If the state regulated garage sales, would poor people be better off?

Garage sales are organized to create more room and space in the house or if someone has unused items that would like to get rid of, than garage sales are a perfect opportunity in that case as well. You might think it’s quite simple to get a garage sale started and going, but that’s not so because just like everything else in life, things require effort and time. You need to collect, organize, and label your items that will be sold in the market. Cleaning is also very important for garage sales, as well as printing out the address details and well you get the idea. Despite all that, for poor people garage sales in general is a great deal for them! Poor people will surely be better off with almost any kind of garage sales.

~ Notice I said almost and I said that because, if the state were to regulate garage sales would that indeed make poor people better off or more better off than before? Let’s think about this:

Garage sales in general involved little to no state interference. You don’t need to ask for permission or have some kind of membership to be able to organize a garage sale. The money that you get to make will still be applied to your personal taxes at the end of the year, there’s no questioning that. Now let’s say that the regular garage sales were to be regulated by the state and you would have to ask for permission or maybe gain some kind of membership just to organize one, if you ask me, I think that sounds like spending some money and more of your time. The state can demand certain things just for you to organize yourself a garage sale. You would have to get yourself that membership/permission which sounds like a pain and also pay them additional taxes, which also is a pain big time.

Stating those things, what I’m trying to say is that for the owner of the garage sale to be able to pay the state back for organizing a garage sale, then that means raising up the prices for each item, so that the owner can get profit and the state gets its share. For the poor people that wouldn’t be such good news, for now the prices are raised and they can’t probably afford items as they were able to before. The garage sales that we have right now people usually lower the original price or make the price sound right but usually not too much, so that the items can be affordable, but if we put our scenario story of the state interference, then the owners have no choice but to raise prices or else they lose profit for themselves.

In conclusion, if the state regulated garage sales, the poor people, in my opinion, would actually not be better off for I believe the price raise will be a stumbling block for them, unless your in middle class or rich to be able to afford certain things.

I hope you found this essay interesting and informative, thanks for stopping by to read it, and let me know what you think about this topic!

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As always have a blessed rest of your day! πŸ€—


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