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Is it worth my time to get a part-time job at the minimum wage? πŸ€”

This is a very good question for me, because I’ve already heard so many opinions about this question and I’m more than happy to share my thoughts on this also.

To those that have been reading my essays already know I usually don’t give a straight up ‘yes or no’ answer at first, I’ll first add my thoughts on both sides to this argument. Without further ado, I’ll begin to debunk the different sides to this argument.

If you look at the reasons why you would need a job in the first place, for example, some people need a part-time job for the summer after schooling to get some income, maybe to keep in their savings, support themselves without the help of parents, or maybe to save for presents, or maybe to just occupy yourself with something during this period. Maybe someone needs a job for a living and it just so happens to be a part-time one, because of studies or other things.

So why the minimum wage option?

If it’s a school kid, the kid may not have much skills, except the ability to clean or other task of the similar sort, or if you train the kid to do something like making coffee, then within a week or 2 that schoolkid could have enough skills just to be able to work around his/her new job. These skills can be obtained by anyone and are quite easy to learn and also very easy to work with unlike tasks such as being a manager of the coffee shop, where there is much more things involved therefore, paying a manager makes more sense, because the manager is not only good at making coffee, but making sure the ingredients arrive on time, that the store is clean and etc. My point here is that when you are only good at very few things, or you can take your time learning a new simple skill to get you by during this job, and because you have limited amount of skills then the highest you could get paid is the minimum wage whether ya like it or not, because the amount of service you can offer is the same amount you can expect to be paid. If you can offer a lot, you get paid well, if you can’t offer much, but still wish to be of service, then a minimum wage is all ya got.

Sometimes people get part-time jobs just to kill some time and earn some extra income whether the pay is big or not. For these kinds of people getting a minimum wage job isn’t necessarily a waste of time if it means getting paid by spending their time not sitting around, but going places and doing stuff. On the other hand if someone has good skills on certain areas and wants to use some time applying for a part-time job so that the rest of his/her time can be used for studying or something else, then getting a minimum wage job might probably a waste of time in terms of not getting paid good for your skills or could not be a waste of time if he/she needs any kind of income while studying.

For me personally it really depends on the situation, so for me it’s not really a waste of time, because as a homeschooler I’m very flexible with my schedule and most of the days I’m free on the evenings and I could use that time working somewhere earning something. I’m also a very minimalistic person and I don’t need much in life, therefore earning for example somewhere like $200 as my weekly paycheck is actually very big for me and I appreciate it a lot. (I used to work at starbucks so that was my paycheck) I only worked like 3 times a week and some morning and some evenings, so I wasn’t able to offer much service therefore I get paid for the amount of service I can offer and I don’t mind the minimum wage I am very grateful actually 😌!

Thanks for reading this essay! I hope you enjoyed my out-of-order thoughts on this topic! I’ll be posting more soon and have a blessed rest of your day! πŸ’•

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