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Economics Lesson 30: Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur?

Hello there and welcome back to my essays! For todays essay topic as always I’ll be starting off with briefly explaining what I’m being asked for and then actually answering it.

What does it take to become an entrepreneur? Being an entrepreneur is a privilege that I believe anyone can achieve if only they obtain these few things. Entrepreneurs are essentially problem solvers by providing brilliant ideas and putting them to life. So having good ideas is one of the important things, positively driven, big discipline, and reposibility. Not everyone will be able to obtain such things fast and efficient, for some it takes time, for some people it takes trial and error of constant failure to learn and move on getting better just so they can learn how to get themselves organized in such a way that will get them to success.

To answer today’s topic question ’Do I have what it takes to become an entrepreneur’ I’ll be honest and say that I have had and still have a big desire to be an entrepreneur. I had a lot of cool ideas to which honestly led me nowhere, but I kept being persistent either way. I had a few problems and reasons for my failures, I had a lot of ideas which is cool, but I didn’t think about how many others might be doing the same thing and whether or not it was worth starting it. Were my ideas realistic enough to start pursuing and did I have enough resources and materials needed to be able to create my ideas into life. As much as I had a big motivation for my ideas and actually working to making them work, I lacked strict discipline, yes motivation helps the process, but you can’t forget about the consistent work. I was also quite irresponsible and was lazy when it came top solving some minor problems. With that said its quite obvious that I don’t really have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. However, I made some changes and with hard working ethic I managed to create something which I have! I launched my Good News Store quite a while ago due to my consistent, disciplined work ethic. If you haven’t checked that out, feel free to I’ll leave a link for it down below!

Thank you for reading my essay. I hope you enjoyed it or learned something new for yourself! As always I’ll be posting more soon and have a blessed rest of your day!

Good News Store


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