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English 3 Lesson 55: Is it easier to read Shakespeare or the King James Bible?

In my opinion, since both types of literature represent the old fashioned rich english language, I am going to have to go with the King James Bible. I think the King James Bible is easier to read, not because its easier to understand, but because the bible is considered alive and is read on day to day basis for those that do read it. That is so, because no one is going to read Shakespeare every single day. Right?

The King James Bible is something that people can actually learn from, relate with, get wisdom from, understanding the meaning behind certain parables, and more. People can even learn something new by reading it everyday. That is not something that Shakespeare can provide with. Ye, sure, Shakespeare has morals behind each story and certain things to take away from his writing. His writing is worth reading not only because of the masterpieces within his works, but because he is also a master of the english language and his writings can help enrich someones speech in the english language. So does the King James Bible, but the bible has more to provide than just enrich someone’s english language.

Some people might say that Shakespeare’s writings are easier due to the fact that his plays include dialogue in which we can learn to decipher the hard-to-understand english language. While that may be true to some (even I would have to agree with that) the King James Bible includes real stories and they have dialogues as well. Those stories, including parables, have a meaning behind each one, in other words it contains morals that can be a takeaway for someone and something to imply in their life (daily).

Because the King James Bible is something that people are likely to reread and read everyday, people are able to share their revelations to others. The topics don’t grow old and can be mentioned more than once. Since the writing is also hard-to-understand, people can share their thoughts (their understanding) to each other and help others understand certain things better, helping them to decipher all those hard words into something more simple.

By revelations, I mean learning something new and implying this thing into our daily lives. The wisdom within the King James Bible shares a lot of things that can help solve problems, shares advices that people can use to prevent problems for themselves and for others. The things you can do to live a good, fulfilled life with a purpose. Knowing that this is what the bible offers to its audience, learning to understand the rich english language makes it a motivation and for me easier to read (not all the time).

As for the Shakespeare works, it doesn’t have the kind of wisdom provided for us as the Bible does. However, I would read the writings of Shakespeare not only to enrich the english language, but for fun as well. Because reading the plays in the old fashion english is actually pretty fun if you have leisure time.

In conclusion, I think that the King James Bible easier to read, because people reread the bible more than they would get back to their other books (Shakespeare) and can share their ideas and thoughts with others and have discussions about what they read. Bibles wisdom and morals can give motivation to push ourselves to embrace and understand the beautiful rich english language.

Thank you for stopping by to read this essay. I hope you liked my thought process throughout it or learned something new. Ill be posting more soon and have a great rest of your day!

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