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Western Civ 2 Lesson 80: Answering 3 topic questions for this essay

1.) What were the major principles guiding the diplomats at the Congress of Vienna?

The three major principles guiding the diplomats at the Congress of Vienna were legitimacy, balance of power, and compensation. The diplomats believed in the line of succession, where the true heir to the throne was of the royal family bloodline. Going hand in hand with the balance of power, the diplomats decided that if one person got all the power and received a territory, the other powers would equally compensate.

2.) What were the Carlsbad Decrees?

The Carlsbad Decrees were a collection of restrictions stopping nationalist fraternities by withdrawing liberal university professors, and limiting the freedom of the press. In 1819, resolutions adopted by the ministers of German states at a conference at Carlsbad that was convened and dominated by Prince Metternich following the murder of August von Kotzebue by a student.

3.) According to Rothbard, did compulsory state education emerge because governments simply wanted their people to become more knowledgeable, or were there other motivations at work?

Rothbard, being the legend that he was, understood that governments didn’t intend to use compulsory state education to help enlighten the people or support individuality. Rothbard knew that leaders, like Frederick the Great, wanted their students to become loyal to them. The leaders wanted to poison the students, so that they could become loyal sheep, instead of reasonable individuals. The Monarchs wanted the students to become statists.

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