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Government 1B Lesson 10: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) Is there a “right of free speech” in the abstract, or is the question of free speech at root a matter of property rights?

I believe that ‘the right of speech’ does have its boundaries and that its limits are closely tied to property rights as the root of it.

Property rights is whenever someone works for a particular land and after claiming it, the person can set his own rules and has full right to rule on the land he worked for.

Let’s say that someone bought a house and it would be his property right, for he worked for it with his own money. A neighbor walks up to this person (on his territory without permission) and starts lecturing to him of how he should, I don’t know, follow muslim as a religion. The person would be like, “dude what the heck-” and the neighbor says, “oh I have freedom of speech so I’m allowed to speak up!”

Yes, that’s true, we have freedom to speak, but NOT whenever it’s violating someone’s property or space just to prove a point to them. In this sense, we don’t have the freedom to just barge into someone’s land space and lecturing them what’s on your mind or whatever is that you decided to prove to them. At least ask permission to be on this guy’s land first and then ask to have a friendly argument or debate with them.

2.) Explain the difference between positive and negative rights, using at least one example.

The difference between negative and positive rights is that negative rights allow others to to not interfere in your life and to not to harm you (as in kill you). The positive rights are when an obligation is placed on others to give certain benefits for you and for others.

For example, we as humans naturally have rights to live as human beings, that means we can enjoy life. If something were to happen to someone, like getting sick, negative rights would apply here saying that people have to stay out of your way and let you take care of yourself basically. Positive rights on the other hand would basically mean having others going out of their way and to, for example, fly across the country just to get medical supplies needed to help this one person. No one is going to do that unless they get paid really well to do so, I guess.

To balance things out, we have natural rights to live and when something happens to us, the positive rights help by having others provide their service to us without going out of their way or doing more than they should just to help us out. Negative rights is only applied when having people not interfere with the way you live your right, while positive rights help to give the right amount of service to others.

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