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Western Civ 2 Lesson 95: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1. What happened in France during the Revolution of 1830?

The revolution was a monument to the inability of Charles X and his advisers. At the outset, few of the king’s critics imagined it possible to overthrow the regime; they hoped merely to get rid of Polignac. As for the king, he ignored the possibility of some serious trouble. No steps were taken to reinforce the army garrison in Paris; not even a single plan was prepared. Instead, Charles went off to the country to hunt, leaving the capital without protection. During the three days known to Frenchmen as les Trois Glorieuses, protest was rapidly changed into rebellion; barricades went up in the streets, manned by workers, students, and petty bourgeois citizens (some of them were former members of the National Guard, which Charles, in pique, had disbanded in 1827). On July 29 some army units began to mix with the insurgents. The king, on July 30, consented at last to dismiss Polignac and to annul the July Ordinances; but the gesture came too late. Paris was in the hands of the rebels, and plans for a new regime were forming rapidly. That’s basically how the revolt happened and how it happened.

2. Why did Karl Marx think socialism was superior to capitalism?

Karl Marx considered capitalism unfair towards the average worker and wanted to create a system where everyone was equal and that capitalism needs to be replaced by socialism. Under socialism the state would gain control over the means of production, such as land and natural resources. Since goods are distributed to people according to their need or won’t for them, human beings will no longer be greedy or selfish. With socialism people are going to be less selfish, more versatile and creative.

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