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Government 1B Lesson 40: Answering 2 topic questions for this essay

1.) What are some of the pitfalls of industrial policy?

2 disadvantages of foreign policy are these. It reduces motivation for innovative ideas because businesses who may or may not be struggling can rely on government money without problem-solving independently. Under the industrial policy, both employees and resources are moved around and dispersed. Industrial policy, a broad range of economic reform propositions, was a primarily political concern, not economic, though it dealt with the current state of the market. This policy may be able to solve technical aspects of production, but economic waste and customer needs are left unsolved. 

2.) What have been some of the problems with the federal prohibition on certain drugs?

Numerous surveys found that judges believe false testimony regarding the legitimacy of searches is a common occurrence. It’s a burden trying to prove your innocence when it comes to these things, whether it be a bad guy looking for ways to justify himself, or the victim displaying his innocence through valid proof.

Another problem was that the highschool students use illegal drugs at the same rate as in 1970, drug overdoses have risen steadily, 40 years later.

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