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Business 1: Lesson 30 “How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Is TV worth this?”

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If I were to watch TV till I’m 70, and I guarantee you, I will be very unsuccessful in life. Is it worth it? Absolutely not! If you want to ever be successful in life you have got to get your lazy body up and start digging into books and other online sources. Watching TV will only waste your valuable time. When kids have free time they use it for social purposes, playing video games, and leisure time. Instead of wasting your time on those things you can do research, consume more knowledge, or start planning on your future calling. If you decide to start a small business, use all the free time you have to learn more about how to start one. Make an experiment for yourself, try watching TV for your free time and other available times that you have for one week. Then for next week try not watching TV and do something that’s more worth your time. Compare those 2 weeks and see how much time has been wasted on watching TV for one week, and how much time you used to get more knowledge for the other week. Now you can definitely see that watching TV won’t get you anywhere, but not watching TV however, helped you learn something new right? I bet you’ll get the big difference after doing this little experiment.

Watching TV isn’t worth it because, when you decide to grow up and work somewhere at the age 21, the only knowledge you will have is not so much and all because of the amount of TV you used to watch. When you go to work you only earn a little bit of income. If you haven’t watched TV regularly and you decide to actually use the time to study, then you have the ability to think and be more wise at whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s your own business or if your working for someone, with the ability to think you can impress your employees or your boss and that is a great way to receive more income. So, even right now ask yourself this question: “Do I really want to waste my precious time watching TV or do I want to make a big difference in life and be remembered for doing/creating something remarkable?” Think really hard on this question. I hope you learned something from my essay or at least I hope you enjoyed it.


11 thoughts on “Business 1: Lesson 30 “How much money won’t I have at age 70 if I keep watching TV? Is TV worth this?”

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