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Personal Finance: What are my priorities when buying a car

What is most important to me when looking for a car? To me, personally, if I were to look for a car the first thing I would take a look at is the price tag. When I find a nice looking car for a good price then I would start to look at the cars functions. Either I or an expert would take a closer look at the car and see to make sure that the car works. As soon as that step is over with, I would have a little chat with the car dealer and see if there are any sales for the car, so after that I could begin the purchase.

How are your priorities different from other teens? Since I’m home schooled I would have a lot less things to worry about. Such as if I were in a student government, I would have to worry about a presentation, worry about setting a good example, and finishing things on time. Or If I were in school sports I would have to worry about cleaning my uniform, get a pair of shoes, daily practices, etc. All those things that public students were to worry about. I’m in home school therefore, I have different expectations. Some expectations are similar like finishing homework on time, 40 minutes of intensive studying for each subject. Other expectations that are different like, doing weekly essays, extra time thinking about your future career (or if u have one then work towards pursuing it).

In conclusion, looking for a car carefully is really important. My priorities are different from other teens is that I have a lot of free time thinking about my future or working towards it. Saving money for a big purchase like a car.

If you read this essay good job! ๐Ÿ˜Š I have just explained what I look for in a car and how my priorities are different from other teens. Please comment down below if you had similar things I talked about in this essay. As always THANKS for reading, I’ll post more soon.

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