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Personal Finance: My ideal car make and model that would be practical for me

Let’s be real that not all of us could have this Lamborghini as our first car…

Image result for lamborghini

Just saying whoever gets a cool car like that as a beginner is stupid. Why would you waste money just to have a cool looking car like that. Have you ever thought about the expenses such as; gasoline, insurance, and etc. after buying the car? When you decide to be smart and actually think about the money you have and how much you’re able to give, I’ll have this list of cars that you could get as a beginner driver:

Honda Civic Chevrolet Cruze Premier Sedan Subaru Impreza Mazda Toyota Corolla Ford Fiesta Hyundai Elantra Nissan Sentra Volkswagen Jetta Kia Rio

Or instead of those popular beginner cars you could get a used car as mentioned a lot in the lesson video. For me an ideal beginner car would be this Nissan

Image result for nissan car

It’s not perfect but it’s still a car right? A car that can go and work properly would be a not bad choice when choosing a car for the first time.

THANKS for reading this essay I hope you enjoyed learning some things about which ideal car would be good for a beginner driver. I’ll post more soon and have a great day!

7 thoughts on “Personal Finance: My ideal car make and model that would be practical for me

  1. Lol u will have a blast!!!!


      1. u will have fun in a fast lamborguni


      2. BET! the thing is.. yea im not that stupid to waste 200,000 to 500,000 dollars on some cool lamborghini


      3. I know. lol. but it would be fun 2 ride on


      4. lol


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